School: International Neutron Scattering Instrumentation School (INSIS)


About the School

INSIS is a new international school aimed at providing a comprehensive training in the fundamental concepts of instrumentation for neutron scattering experiments.The INSIS school is aimed at PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and early career scientists who wish to be involved in the design and development of novel instrumentation and components at present and future neutron sources. The course will provide basic and advanced lectures, simulation activities and tutorials about neutron scattering instrumentation.The school is intended as a ‘pipeline’ initiative, to promote increased activities in instrument design and develop the next generation of instrument designers with a target audience of about 25 students. The school is composed of two distinct parts: the first week (15th – 20th July) will introduce basic instrumentation and components used in neutron scattering research; and the second week (22nd – 27th July) will provide a more in depth insight into neutron detector technologies. Students may participate in the first week, the second week, or both.This school is partially supported by the CNR, INFN, University of Rome Tor Vergata, University of Milano BicoccaU.S. National Science Foundation and the European NMI3.


3rd META meeting, a satellite event of INSIS School 2012

piano concert by Maestro Adolfo Barabino (an initiative coordinated by Raffaello Morales) was held at Pontificio Istituto di Musica Sacra on Sunday, July 15th at 19:30.

Application Deadline: June 7, 2012

Video Lectures
Video lectures recorded live during the INSIS school
Lectures Monday July 16 2013
Lectures Tuesday July 17 2013
Lectures Wednesday July 18 2013
Lectures Thurday July 19 2013
Lectures Friday July 20 2013
Lectures Monday July 23 2013
Lectures Tuesday July 24 2013
Lectures Wednesday July 25 2013
Lectures Thurday July 26 2013

Concert Video
Piano concert by Maestro Adolfo Barabino

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