Life Science

“Analysis of brain networks”


Schermata 2019-12-27 alle 22.00.01An essential requirement for the characterization of brain networks is the development of adequate methods of analysis in degrees of separate the non-specific contribution of physiological noise (related to breathing, heartbeat, etc.) from long-range correlation brain activity that defines functional networks. While spurious correlations induced by extraneural causes have sufficient distinctive elements (for example, they tend to be global) it is extremely difficult to separate them from functional correlations, especially if these are not static, but modulated by external factors (environmental stimulations, pathologies). In the last three years the Centro Fermi group has been developing advanced methods for the characterization and removal of physiological noise from fMRI data, exploiting both postprocessing methods and methods based on particular MRI techniques (for example, multi-echo acquisition). Following the creation of the node, the group plans to expand this research on brain networks, and start a new characterization program for ‘biomaterials’, which envisages project proposals to be realized – through the platform for “apply for beamtime” – both at ISIS @ MACH, and at ISIS, using the complementary ISIS neutron techniques at MAPS, WISH, OffSpec, Larmor beam lines, SANS, SANS2D.

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