“High frequency materials and components”

In recent years an important development for Space application has been the use of semiconductor materials based on nitrides. Indeed properties of GaN, AlN, InN and their alloys are well suited to high frequency and high power communications applications. Over the last 30 years the team of the Department of Electronic Engineering is widely recognized for its exceptional contributions to experimental characterization and development of GaN technology and devices: from the design of microwave/millimeter wave systems, to advanced characterization and in the development of innovative models. The UTOV group has a track record in international research collaborations with several companies in this are of reseaerch, i.e. Leonardo, Elettronica, Thales Alenia Space, Rheinmetall, SIAE Microelettronica, STM, OMMIC, UMS, Airbus. Research spans from the characterization and development of advanced components at GaN and the development of innovative GaAs technologies (E/D technology) to the design of integrated subsystems. With the creation of the ISIS @ MACH node, these researches will expand thanks both to the increase in capacity in on-site characterizations and services through new acquisitions of instruments within ISIS@MACH, and to the unique and complementary characterizations that will become available to ISIS. The UTOV teams plan to develop new research and development activities for new nitride-based semiconductor materials, i.e. the design of electronic devices with these materials (mainly HEMT) and the manufacture of systems based on these devices at ISIS@MACH. The physical characterization of these devices is limited today to temperature measurements by Raman and photoconductance. With the creation of the Node the team intends to launch a new material characterization program, which envisages experimental analyzes to be realized – through the platform for “apply for beamtime” – at ISIS@ MACH and at ISIS neutron beamlines, using the complementary neutron techniques of the TOSCA, OSIRIS, MARI, MAPS, WISH beam lines.

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