Life Science

“Confinement of water in two-dimensional graphene oxide structures”


One of the challenges technology in the research and development ofSchermata 2019-12-27 alle 22.22.57 graphene-based materials is the understanding and control of interactions with solvent molecules in aqueous solutions, with the aim of obtaining materials for physiological applications. In this context, the group of the UTOV NAST Center has characterized the interaction between water and graphene oxide substrates, to determine the conditions of confinement in two dimensions and the response of water molecules to hydrophilicity conditions and hydrophobicity of these substrates. The design of the experiment was carried out in the laboratories of UTV and the characterizations of the sample at ISIS using the VESUVIO beam line, usingthe Schermata 2019-12-28 alle 19.08.17Deep Inelastic Neutron Scattering (DINS) technique. The results made it possible to determine the quantum behavior of hydrogen atoms in confined water. With the creation of the ISIS@MACH node of ISIS it is planned to develop this research and development of graphene-based materials, by launching new characterization project proposals in-house at ISIS@MACH, as well as at ISIS beamline using the neutron techniques at the VESUVIO, MARI, TOSCA and INES beam lines.


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