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 “Chemical and isotopic analysis of metal wires for orthodontics”


Schermata 2019-12-27 alle 22.13.52The control of the chemical, mechanical and biocompatibility properties of materials is a key element for the applications of composite materials to dentistry. In the last three years, the group of the NAST Center of UTV has carried out characterizations with PGAA (promp gamma activation analysis) techniques resolved in time, developed at the ISIS VESUVIO and INES beamlines, of the chemical, isotopic composition, structure and phases crystalline orthodontic wires allows to determine the degree of reproducibility of clinical performance following implantation. Using innovative techniques, the group of the NAST Center of UTV carried out characterizations of the materials both in the laboratories of UTV and ISIS, which allowed to determine the microscopic structure and the chemical composition of metal wires for orthodontics, in the context of standardization requirements and marking required in Europe. Following the creation of the node, the UTV group plans to expand these development and development activities on metal for orthodontics, carrying out both the design of new characterizations and the analysis of the chemical, mechanical and biocompatibility properties of the materials. We intend to start characterization of the material, which provides for new experimental analyses to be realized- through the platform ” apply for beamtime” – at ISIS@MACH, and at ISIS, using the complementary ISIS neutron techniques of the VESUVIO, INES, ENGIN-X and IMAT beam lines.


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