Human Cells Reprogramming in Microgravity: role of Endocannabinoid

Osteoporosis increase the risk of bone fracture in the elderly due to the loss of muscle mass and the decrease in bone mineral density. Researcher from NAST Centre has patented an innovative experimental model of osteogenesi, where hematic cells  in deprogrammed in staminla cells induced to an osteogenitic differentiaiton, allow to directly study the role of both endocannabinoidi and other moleculr signals in the process of loose of bone mass occuring in microgravity conditions.

This study has triggered the SERIM research project -“Ruolo del Sistema Endocannabinoide sulla Riprogrammazione di Cellule Staminali Pluripotenti Umane in Microgravità– supported by ASI (Italian Space Agency) within the Human mission Expedition 52/53).


Further Information

Research project by NAST Centre in collaboration with Department of Experimental Medicine and Surgery, Campus Biomedico in Rome, University of Teramo and Kayser Italia srl

Dr. Alessandra Gambacurta
Senior researcher at NAST Centre
University of Rome Tor Vergata,

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Date: November 2016