Workshop: Italian-German workshop on “Technology and infrastructures for Cultural Heritage”

ital-Germ_Workshop12th April, 2016 

Location: Gobelin-Saal, Bode-Museum, Berlin.

This workshop brings together an outstanding panel of experts in Cultural Heritage Science. They will be sharing their knowledge and recent findings on the making and historical significance of artifacts, on efficient and sustainable conservation and restoration strategies; art-technological studies; 2D and 3D analytical imaging techniques; digitization; archaeometric and bioarchaeological studies. For these study, integrated analytical strategies are required, combining different non- or minimal-invasive analytical techniques and examinations, to allow insights into  materials from micro- and nanoscales.
The institutions working in the field of cultural heritage sciences face the challenge of studying very diverse art and archaeological objects from different perspectives.

This is the first Italian-German workshop on cutting-edge technological developments and new infrastructure initiatives in the field of Cultural Heritage Science. It offers a detailed view on renowned Italian and German institutions and their current research activities as well as recently created infrastructures such as the European infrastructure IPERION-CH. It will be a stimulating platform of intense exchange of stakeholders, users and researchers creating new synergies for the development.

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