School: X International School of Neutron Scattering ‘Francesco Paolo Ricci’

X School of Neutron Scattering - Francesco Paolo Ricci_Page_1X INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF NEUTRON SCATTERING


Electronvolt Neutron Spectroscopy of Materials: Microscopic Dynamics and Enabling Techniques


Rome, 25th September – 4th October, 2010

Villa Mondragone, Monte Porzio Catone, Roma, Italy

Registration deadline:
15th June 2010

School Directors:
Dr. Roberto Senesi, Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata-Dipartimento di Fisica, Roma, Italy
Dr. Cirino Vasi, C.N. R.– Istituto per i Processi Chimico Fisici, Messina, Italy

Detailed information and registration:

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Aim of the School

This school, established in 1994, is primarily addressed to graduate students or postdoctoral with an interest in Neutron Scattering. The School will comprise lectures, tutorials, practicals and hands-on data analysis sessions, covering diverse aspects of Neutron Scattering, but with an emphasis on techniques and instrumentation designed to study the : Microscopic Dynamics of Simple and Hydrogen-bonded Quantum Fluids, Quantum Momentum Distributions, Effective Born-Oppenheimer Potentials, High Energy Excitations, High Energy Neutron Imaging, Deep Inelastic neutron scattering , High Energy Neutron Irradiation Effects.

The School will start on Saturday, September 25th 2010, with a series of in introductory lectures covering the fundamental aspects of neutron scattering and neutron instrumentation. During the next days, a series of lectures will provide the basis of electronvolt neutron spectroscopy, with particular on new instrumental and data handling techniques.
Practicals will be carried out at the neutron@BTF pulsed neutron source at Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati – INFN.

At the end of the school, students are invited to attend the International workshop: “High-energy neutrons for science and society “, which will be held on October 5th and 6th 2010 at Villa Wolkonsky, the UK ambassador’s residence in Rome.