International workshop High Energy Neutrons for Science and Society

5th – 6th October  2010


Villa Wolkonsky, the residence of the British ambassador in Rome, Italy


Registration deadline: 15 September 2010

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Invited Lecturers

Carla Andreani University of Rome Tor Vergata and Centre NAST
Roberto Car Princeton University
Chris Frost STFC, ISIS Facility
Nikitas Gidopoulos STFC, ISIS Facility
Henry Glyde University of Delaware
Giuseppe Gorini University of Milano Bicocca and CNR
Lin Lin Princeton University
Jerry Mayers STFC, ISIS Facility
David Manolopoulos University of Oxford
Robert Mc Greevy STFC, ISIS Facility
Michele Parrinello Eidgenössischen Technischen Hochschule (ETH) Zürich
George Reiter University of Houston
Roberto Senesi University of Rome Tor Vergata and Centre NAST
Marco Zoppi CNR – ISC


The observational window provided by high–energy (eV to MeV) neutrons offers unique possibilities as a local probe for the exploration of materials at the nanoscale. The inverse geometry spectrometer VESUVIO operating on the ISIS pulsed neutron source has pioneered Deep Inelastic Neutron Scattering (DINS) measurements of the momentum distribution of light atoms in condensed matter systems. These measurements provide a probe of the local structure of the materials and biomaterials as well as information on the dynamics of the atoms.

This is the V edition of a series of workshops addressing the PERSPECTIVES IN NEUTRON SPECTROSCOPY AT HIGH ENERGIES and follows the I and II editions held at Cosener House in May 1995 and October 1998, the III edition held in Santa Fe (New Mexico, US) in April 2005, and the IV edition held in Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2006.

Lectures are intended for experts and PhD students attending the X SCHOOL OF NEUTRON SCATTERING “FRANCESCO PAOLO RICCI”.

Scientific Committee

Mark Adams    (STFC, ISIS)
Jerry Mayers    (STFC, ISIS)
Stuart Parker    (STFC, ISIS)
John Tomkinson   (STFC, UK)


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