Seminar: High Kinetic Energy Photoelectron Spectroscopy at BESSY

hight kinetic energy2nd March 2007 – 15:00

Prof. Svante Svensso (Uppsala University, Sweden)

U.M. Grassano, Campus

An overview of the activities at the HIKE facility at the KMC1 beamline at BESSY will be given. This facility gives possibility to perform electron spectroscopy studies at energies from 2-12 keV. The KMC1 beamline is based on a double crystal monochromator with possibilities to use Si(111) and Si(422) reflexes and the higher orders of these. At backscattering conditions the resolution is very high, notably in the higher orders.

The electron spectrometer is a high energy upgrade of the state of art R4000 spectrometer from Scienta AB.
In the seminar results from metallic multilayers, CIGS solar cells and from conducting polymer devices will be presented. For the first cases a depth profile down to 10-20 nm can be achieved. In the case of a porous polymer we show a depth profile up to 80 nm!It is my hope that we may have a fruitful discussion of the future use of these types of experiments crossing applied science and fundamental science as well as the line between physics and chemistry.

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