A new Research Infrastructure for Composite Materials

 Seminario – Aula “U.M. Grassano”, Dipartimento di Fisica

Giovedì , 19 Dicembre 2019, ore 13,30

isis e rettorato

ISIS@MACH: A new partnership between Tor Vergata and the neutron/muon source facility ISIS (UK)

Prof Aldo Di Carlo& – Prof Roberto Senesi*

&(Coordinatore ISIS@MACH) – CNR-ISM-Dipartimento Ingegneria Elettronica *Dipartimento di Fisica


Back in 1985

A new Research Infrastructure, ISIS@MACH, (Lazio Region, Italy), a partnership between Tor Vergata-Centro Fermi, with ISIS Pulsed Neutron and Muon Source (Region Oxfordshire-United Kingdom). ISIS@MACH will act as a Hub of the UK based ISIS pulsed neutron and muon source, a research facility. The project is funded by Region Lazio under the specific funding programme POR FESR 2014-2020 to strengthen Research Infrastructures.

Since 1985, the collaboration between academics from University of Rome Tor Vergata and scientists from ISIS neutron and muon source has continued to blossom with great enthusiasm and commitment on both parts. This represents a new stage in the longstanding relationship between the two institutions, expands the collaboration with Centro Fermi, which will enable both Italian and UK researchers to pool knowledge and experience with collaborators across UK and Italy, respectively, recognizing the value light, neutron and muon probes bring to multidisciplinary research.

Access of ISIS@MACH will be open to academics and industrial users. There are a number of routes for academics and industry to access beamtime and both ISIS@MACH and ISIS operate Facility Access Panels (FAPs) to peer review all instrument and neutron beamtime proposals. ISIS@MACH are free at the point of access for Tor Vergata academic researchers, provided the results from experiments are published in the public domain. Fully confidential fast-tracked use of the instruments is also available for industrial and commercial customers. User ready to put forward a proposal will do that through a dedicated platform, ISIS@MACH Online Proposal System currently under construction which will be interfaced with the ISIS Online Proposal System.

ISIS@MACH will address the understanding the properties of materials on the nanoscale which provides the opportunity to develop advanced materials, tailoring their properties for specific applications, tackling global challenges across life, chemical, medical, physical and engineering sciences as well as in arts, heritage and archaeology. There is increasing recognition that addressing varied problems such as green energy or antibiotic resistance, the digital economy or food security, requires a multidisciplinary approach. The University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, the Center for Studies and Research “Enrico Fermi” at ISIS@MACH and the ISIS neutron and muon source will work together bringing expertise in areas including aerospace engineering, biomaterials, building greener economies, cultural heritage, and energy research.