Kun Tian
Kun Kun Tian
Nationality: Chinese
Current Position: PhD at
“Materials for health, environment
 and energy
Academic Profile:  Bachelor in Dentistry, Harbin Medical University, CN;
 MSc in Dental Materials Science, University of Hong Kong, CN;
PhD in Clinical Medicine, Semmelweis University, HU

“My career embodies a yin-yang survey of the biomaterials sciences – with experience spanning clinical dentistry through fundamental aspects of mechanical properties, from the macro- to micro-scopic scales.”

I completed my training as a clinical dentist in 2003 (Harbin Medical University, Manchuria, PRC). During my professional practice in Harbin, Beijing, and Chengdu (2003-2007) I developed an interest in the optimisation of dental materials. This initiated my move to the University of Hong Kong to pursue an MSc in Dental Materials Science (2007-2009), under the supervision of Professor Brian W. Darvell, with particular success emerging from determination of mechanical properties and my first scientific publication (Dent. Mater., 2010). I took-up a research position at Semmelweis University in Budapest, under the direction of Professor Csaba Dobό-Nagy. My research focused on characterising dental cements, leading to my completing a PhD in clinical medicine (Sep, 2014). The research freedom in Budapest allowed me to help pioneer the application of neutron scattering, coherent-THz spectroscopy, simulation and other techniques (SEM, TEM, DSC, XRD) to dental materials (Nat. Commun, 2015).


Now, I am working to master the fundamental aspects of neutron scattering and other spectroscopic techniques, from a physical perspective, towards evolving the characterisation and optimisation of biomaterials.