Andrea Magrini


magrini Andrea Magrini
Dep. Biomedicine
Tel: +39 0620902202-2201
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Research Activity

The main interest are focused on the studies of the risk factors of workers exposed to potential toxicants.

He worked in the organization of multidisciplinary research groups on
a) effect of electromagnetic fields on “in vitro” systems, with particular regards to cell coltures
b) impact on public health of nanotecnnologies development. In particular, his research group has performed several experimental works on in vitro toxic effects of nanoparticles. He has carried out research in the field of Industrial and Environmental Toxicology that has been aimed at developing biomarkers of exposure, internal dose and early effects on critical organs and their application on groups of workers occupationally exposed to xenobiotics. The researches have been characterized by a multidisciplinary approach, including analytical chemistry and molecular biology methods, using both experimental and epidemiological evaluations, from mechanistic studies to risk assessment in specific groups of exposed workers. He was local coordinator for the National Project MIUR2006069554 “Interaction of novel nanoparticulate materials with biological systems: testing models for human health risk assessmen” and is collaborating to EU-funded NANORETOX (7thFP). He is member of the National Committee for the Occupational Safety of Nanomaterials (ISPESL) and charter member of the Nanoparticles Italian Research Association, aimed at promoting scientific research on nanoparticles toxicology and safety. Member of the Network of excellence NanoimpactNet.

He also studied the etiopathogenic role of helicobacter pylori on gastric diseases, and the asymptomatic transmission hepatitis C virus infection.

Other research interests:
Risk factors for cardiovascular disease – job disaffection and burn out – stress related disease – VDT as an occupational risk factor – Epidemiology of dust-related disorders.


Selected Publications